Wednesday April 29, 2020 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

2020 in real estate

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

Wednesday April 29, 2020 

Wednesday April 29, 2020, In this week’s Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate News: days, Covid-19, condo fees, fear, perception, 2020 real estate, virtually selling, home selling issues, number of showings down, home prices, U-shaped recovery


What day is today? They all blend together. 

I hang around the the house, clearing out the pantry, cleaning out the backyard shed, daydreaming on the front porch, listening to the birds and watching the pedestrians, so many pedestrians walking by, looking at the houses, driveways, yards and cars. 

During the pandemic, I learn that everything is deliverable, if you have enough time to wait, and enough time we certainly have. 

During the pandemic, I learn that work expands to fill time. Parkinson’s Law, a disease affecting my days. I’ve gotten so lazy, flattening the curve, one hour at a time, a little bit flatter.

Today is day 49


Waterloo Region COVID-19 summary

The COVID-19 data results presented represent a snapshot of the cumulative totals at the time of reporting.


My condo’s pool and gym are closed. Do I still have to pay the full monthly condo fees?

You own a portion of the common areas in addition to your unit and are responsible for its upkeep.


Fear and perception: The main variables in 2020 real estate

When people believe that prices will rise, they rise. Similarly, when people think that prices will drop, they drop. Perception is everything.


Keys to selling your home virtually in 2020


COVID-19 creating legal issues for sellers

There have been cases where buyers have been refused access to their new properties by the current rental tenants, even though the seller has agreed in writing to allow them into the property.


Impact of COVID-19 to real estate showings in Ontario

Weekly showings normalized to the first calendar week of January, 7-day moving average. Data through April 27, 2020


Canadian home prices expected to lose momentum

Teranet says it expects that prices are going to start to cool after real estate boards reported a “clear break” in activity during the second half of March due to the coronavirus outbreak.


‘Longer U-shaped recovery’: Economists say Canada faces rough road ahead

Return to pre-coronavirus GDP levels not likely until at best 2021, but more likely 2022


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