September 18 2017Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

September 18

September 18 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


September 18 2017. In today’s news: garbage trucks, living alone, off the grid, dead malls, monster house, bikes, boats, Chinese dumplings and global warming


Utopian island free of garbage trucks.

New York City’s Roosevelt Island is home to a unique trash disposal system that sucks up roughly 6 tons of trash a day and carries it through underground tubes. 

Pedestrian buttons at crosswalks, what are they good for?

Absolutely nothing

I am a rock. I am an island

Mauro Morandi has lived alone on Budelli Island for 28 years. “What I love the most is the silence,” he says. “The silence in winter when there isn’t a storm and no one is around, but also the summer silence of sunset.”

Dead malls are the new urban ruins 

The increasingly vacant tombs on the American landscape are getting more attention because of projects like YouTube filmmaker Dan Bell’s Dead Mall Series. There are fears that a downsizing Sears Canada will hollow out shopping centres north of the border, too—although the retailer’s portfolio still includes several locations ripe for redevelopment. 

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Living next-door to a monster

After five long years, court orders owner to demolish unfinished monster home in Brampton. The City and the  homeowner have been snarled in a legal battle sine the city of Brampton mistakenly issued a building permit for the new house.

What do Chinese dumplings have to do with global warming? 

Refrigeration. When I first lived in China, in 1994, everything was dried, pickled or salted. Now most Chinese people are ready to embrace the refrigeration revolution. 

Bikes or boats?

Over the past few years, Amsterdam has been caught in a minor existential debate. It boils down to this: In planning for the future, should the Dutch put more emphasis on the city’s role as a lynchpin in the national economy? Or should the day-to-day lived experience of citizens take top priority?

Canadian home sales rise in August after 4 straight months of declines

Thanks to a rebound in existing home sales in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), national home sales emerged from a slump in August.

CREA expects Canadian home sales to drop to three-year low

The association projects that the number of home sales in British Columbia and Ontario will fall by 10 per cent in 2017, compared to 2016’s record highs.

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