49 – The Marshall Report – Episode 49

Today is Thursday March 30, 2017 and this is the 49th episode of the Marshall Report. Welcome to the podcast.

In this episode:

  1. The March Report
  2. Bully Offers: What are they good for?
  3. List Price: A new meaning
  4. BMO says two more years
  5. Economic indicators
  6. Absorption Rate


The March Report

Here is my activity report for March. It was pretty nutty.


What’s the deal with Bully Offers?

I think buyers have better information than sellers. Buyers have been at it longer, and have likely lost out on previous offers. Although it is a seller’s market, successful buyers are better prepared to win and I think some home buyers win buy making an offer the seller thinks he simply cannot refuse. Read about that on keithmarshall.ca


List price: a new meaning

Often the list price is the price that the best comparable recently sold for.  Read about that on keithmarshall.ca


Two more years

The world according to BMO Economics will remain the same in regard to real estate and specially Toronto. BMO recently said that we will continue at the same rate of price growth for the next 24 months assuming stable mortgage rates and continued income growth.


Economic Indicators

What are the economic indicators that can predict home price movement? Read about that on keithmarshall.ca


Absorption rate

Market’s absorption rate is one way to figure out whether a certain area is behaving for the benefit of the buyer or the seller. Read about that on kwrealestatenews.com

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