April 25 2018 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

kitchener waterloo real estate news

April 25 2018

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

Wednesday April 25 2018. In this week’s Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News: the market, heritage home, Kitchener condo, Waterloo Park zoo, electric vehicle charging stations, fake reality TV, staging a small home, google, median home prices, summer closings…

Gearing down?

It seems to me that our local real estate market just can’t seem to get into gear this year. It is cool. Then it’s hot. Buyer’s are hesitant and then they are frantic. Days on market might be expanding, but then sometimes there are seven or twenty-seven offers on a property. It’s weird. Maybe this is what a balanced market feels like. I really can’t remember.  

Views of heritage home aren’t historic

The owners of this heritage home on Doon Village Road, at Bechtel Drive, want to sever four lots from the property. The city says that’s ok. 

Kitchener condo project to be tallest building in the city

The 33-storey condo tower will be located by the LRT’s Frederick stop and contain 410 residential units

kitchener waterloo real estate newsWaterloo Park’s animal farm has evolved over the years

The zoo started out with deer and then it grew into having exotic animals like black bears and cougars and timber wolves

Construction could start this summer at Kitchener Frame site (Budd)

The first phase will likely be a medical/professional/commercial complex that would sit on about 1.5 hectares (3.8 acres) of land. That could take shape as a single building of about 60,000 square feet or two smaller buildings at about 30,000 square feet each.

Province to lift electric vehicle roadblocks for condo owners

Changes going into effect May 1 aimed at making it easier for condo owners to install charging stations

Fake reality real estate TV

I was recently working with a police officer and I asked him what he thought of detective tv shows. He said “Cops” was the most real, but there was never as much action as shown in an hour long episode. He said sometimes you can go weeks or months without anything exciting happening. I don’t watch real estate reality shows just like I suspect chefs don’t watch cooking shows. Here are a couple of links to show how fake they really are.

14 sneaky staging tips for marketing a small home

Nowadays it appears like everyone desires a small home. Yet suppose your house isn’t adorably small? What happens if it’s just regretfully small? Do not worry– it’s not your square footage that matters most; it’s just how you present it. 

Google opens its doors and its wallet

Tech giant docates community work space and $2.1M for tech initiatives

Canada’s median home price up 6.2% in Q1 

According to a recent study, Canada’s median home price rose by an annualized 6.2% to $605,512 in the first three months of 2018 despite corrections in the Greater Toronto Area and Greater Vancouver.

The ‘global factor’ in Canadian real estate 

Housing markets, most realtors will tell you, are local. When it comes to residential real estate, Vancouver is nothing like Halifax, which in turn is nothing like Quebec City. Each housing market reflects the realities of its community: Prices for the most part reflect what people are earning, and how much they can get a mortgage for. But what if that is no longer completely true?

Summer closing in

This is the last edition of the Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News for April. Next Wednesday we will be into May. Like many Realtors, I work with families who are moving into or within Waterloo Region. Most families want to move after school is out for the summer recess. Most closing dates are 30-60 days. Doing the math, that means that the next six weeks will be most families best chance to have their plan come together.  

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