August 11 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

August 11

August 11 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


August 11 2017. In today’s news: Communitech Bootstrap, Kitchener Colt Canada, market downturn prediction, parking at the airport, a new bridge, never money, Cuba, and airbnbs under fire.



Communitech innovation hub has launched Communitech Bootstrap, a new program that aims to help startups validate their products and find early-adopters. It will accept a maximum of 20 companies into the program. Participants will gain access to 16 hours of classes that cover topics such as understanding customer problems, designing a solution, building a demo or prototype, and getting a commitment from customers.

More guns, less butter

Kitchener’s Colt Canada has been awarded a $32.1 million contract to provide the Canadian Armed Forces with new machine guns. The contract will result in 13 new jobs at Colt Canada.

CMHC says Toronto housing market downturn to be short

The response we’re seeing in the Toronto market seems almost emotional and a knee-jerk reaction to some of the changes, which suggests that these impacts will be short-lived. Property prices in the city should pick up again due to supply constraints and a stronger economy.

The best places to park at the airport

Six dollars for every half hour gets expensive when your mom’s plane from Victoria is delayed. Parking on the shoulder is free but dangerous and temporary. Where to park?

A bridge too close?

The Waterloo Park Bridge will get a twin. Pedestrians and cyclist will use different bridges.

Airbnbs under review

They aren’t a short term craze. Short term rentals are here to stay. Now governments and condo boards are trying to find ways to control them, tax them, limit them and ban them.

Trumps ban on travel to Cuba might actually be good for Cuba

Like the “resource curse,” the idea that having an abundance of an exported natural resource can actually be bad for an economy, Cuba’s tourism industry was not equipped to deal with the influx of American tourists and the economic benefit that they produced did not reach most Cubans.

Never money

Unlike in the U.S., we don’t have any kind of gift tax, which means if you have money you’ll never spend in your lifetime, it’s worth considering making a financial gift while you’re alive to help your kids get started in life. The average gift size parents have given or would give their children was $24,125 nationwide. In households with incomes above $100,000, the average gift size is $40,558.

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