August 18 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

August 18

August 18 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update



August 18 2017. In today’s news: Finland, Salt Lake City, a neighbourhood in a box, Manulife, Bombardier, the CRA and tax evasion.


Maybe it is the long nordic winters

More than 2,000 people ventured to the remote backwaters of central Finland recently for the 20th annual Swamp Soccer World Championships. If you and your spouse want to compete in the Wife Carrying World Championships, you must come to Finland. The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships? Finland. The World Berry Picking Championship and the Air Guitar World Championships? Finland and Finland

A polygamous town facing genetic disaster

Brigham Young was a busy man. In addition to leading the Mormon church, he also founded a city – Salt Lake City, Utah – which flourished from a sparsely populated desert valley into a full-blown polygynous utopia in the space of a few short decades. But what about polygamy?

Neighbourhood in a Box

One-stop revitalization and gentrification engines often appeal to local governments, since luring one big developer is a lot easier than trying to fill dozens of vacant storefronts. But they can be perilous.

It’s payback time

Canadians who purchased certain investments with Manulife Securities Inc. and Manulife Securities Investments Inc. between 2005 and 2016 may be entitled to refunds totalling $11.7 million in excess fees.

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Bombardier posts surprise profit

The plane and train maker expects 2017 earnings to be at the higher end of its forecast. My question? The tracks are done. Where are our trains?

The internet is going to steal my job

Online shopping will disrupt the real estate industry with virtual reality eliminating the need for real estate agents. Oh yez, the end is near.

No parking

Canadian urbanites are gradually turning against the car and turning against parking. And free parking isn’t cheap. To a developer, a parking spot is worth about $65,000. Looks like walking is the new driving.

New banking rules a ‘game changer’ for real estate tax evasion

As of July 1, Canadian banks must confirm detailed information on non-resident clients — such as name, address, date of birth and taxpayer identification numbers — in order to report to the Canada Revenue Agency on all financial accounts held by non-residents of Canada. The new, so-called “Common Reporting Standard” will allow dozens of countries including Canada and China to share information about bank accounts held by, or for the benefit of, non-residents, in a system designed to fight global tax evasion and improve voluntary tax compliance.

Do you make enough to buy a home?

In Oshawa, an annual income of $108,773 is enough to afford the average home price of $552,268. That is much like Kitchener Waterloo.


My friend Mike does a great job of taking apart the real estate news headlines? True. So, What’s Really Happening in the Mississauga Real Estate Market?

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