August 4 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

August 4

August 4 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


August 4 2017. Here is today’s news: Catalyst137, the world’s largest hardware tech hub, LRT for Halifax, what is my neighbourhood called, Inflatable water park, millennials a word I hate more than moist, arachnophobia, goats, you and the rate increase, missing an I, gravity

Hub tones

Catalyst137, a light industrial and office building in downtown Kitchener will be the world’s largest hardware technology hub when it opens this fall. The former Uniroyal-Goodrich tire warehouse at 137 Glasgow St. was built in 1957. It was acquired in June 2016 for $21 million and the redevelopment has been ongoing since last July.

LRT for Halifax?

Halifax Light Rail Alliance is pushing for consideration to be given to potentially starting up a light-rail transit (LRT) system in Halifax to make public transit more efficient and tackle the challenges of a growing municipality.

What’s my neighbourhood called?

One of my projects this summer is to finish my neighbourhood introductions LINK. But what I have found is that neighbourhood names and boundaries can be a little vague or broad or unknown. There often is no clear line on the map

Inflatable water park! You had me at inflatable.

Fredericton got a new waterpark. It looks like A LOT of fun.

Millennials make up 28% of our population

Waterloo Region has a higher percentage than the Ontario average of millennial generation  (those aged 15 to 34) residents. That’s right, we are younger than you think.


A home was infested with between 4,500 and 6,000 brown recluse spiders The previous homeowners abandoned the 2,400-square-foot home after years of pesticide treatments couldn’t curb the invasion.

A Gang of Roving Goats Vandalized a Local Office

Balloonfest. A mistake on the lake

The amazing and awful outcome of releasing over a million balloons into the sky. Yep.

How much will the mortgage rate increase cost you?

About $53/month

There’s no I in team

Turns out there is no I in Kingston either. If you build a place to take a selfie, they will come Kingston has learned. The new monument is proving to be very popular. Hey Kitchener?

Gravity lets you down

We haven’t had a downturn really since 1991. It took from 1991 until 2004 for house prices to recover. The problem is that most of us have thought the good times go forever. This is a good signal that gravity still exists. Wow. Look at these mid-July Toronto home sales numbers.

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Back to normal

There were more than the five-year average number of sales in July. The craziness over.

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