August 7 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

August 7 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


August 7 2017. In today’s news: map of KW’s oldest homes, internet speed, a ha-ha wall, Zucchinni races, Kitchener Blues festival, and Little Butterdome

Online map features Kitchener Waterloo’s oldest homes.

If you like history then you likely like maps. The oldest property on the map is the First Mennonite Church cemetery which dates back to 1808, while the oldest home is the 1815 log home on Robert Ferrie Drive built by Abram Stauffer

Internet speed and cost per country

I’m glad I don’t live in Iran, South Africa or Australia. Whereas South Korea, Hong Kong and Finland are looking pretty good.

Ha-ha wall

Before mechanical lawn mowers, a common way to keep large areas of grassland trimmed was to allow livestock, usually sheep, to graze the grass. A ha-ha wall prevented grazing animals on large estates from gaining access to the lawn and gardens adjoining the house, giving a continuous vista to create the illusion that the garden and landscape were one and undivided.

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The trouble with living near the Hollywood sign

The sign defines the self-loathing, self-loving, self-generative, self-destructive city. Neighbours have always been nimby about keeping people out.

The Zucchini 500

The Kingston Farmer’s Market has some of the fastest food around – zucchini strapped to the bottom of a set of wheels. Oh yes finally we have found another use for a cucumber.

Map: The 20 Most Populous Cities In The World By 2100

If this holds true, Africa will be well represented.

Kitchener Blues Festival

August 10-13. This is always good.

Crisis, what crisis?

With so much negative news coming out of Toronto in regard to real estate, there is this: Condos buck Toronto housing slowdown as new construction sales hit record. Toronto builders maintain they have yet to see the slowdown happening in the existing home market.

Chinese still hot for Vancouver

From an investment perspective, Vancouver is a mature real estate market and does not experience large market swings like those in Asia. Chinese demand for Vancouver luxury real estate not waning

Little Butterdome

A giant house on a street otherwise full of ordinary single-storey bungalows is a new twist to Edmonton’s infill debates. People normally talk about subdividing lots or creating smaller homes to increase density. But consolidating lots is simple to do.

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