How to clean your house in five minutes

clean your house

So you’re selling your house and now you have to keep it clean all the time.  This is a major complaint with all home sellers. Life doesn’t stop just because you’re selling your house. And now some prospective buyers are coming over in fifteen minutes. What can you do?

Your family should have a drill, everyone with their own responsibilities. The idea is to cut down on the panic and get the job done fast and efficiently. Here are some basic things to do to get your house ready for the buyers in less than five minutes:

Open windows.

Toss clothes into hampers.

Straighten up the bedspreads.

Put away dishes.

Take out the garbage.

Light a candle.

Clear off all flat surfaces.


Wipe the kitchen and bathroom counters

Put some frozen cookie dough in the oven. And brew a half pot of coffee.

That wasn’t so bad, was it?

Now, you’re good to go.

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