How’s the KW housing Market? | Coronavirus impacts showings, average sale price, number of listings and a whole lot of other indicators…

How’s the Market under Coronavirus?

In this update of the Kitchener-Waterloo real estate market, we look at Coronavirus and it’s impact  on:

  1. Number of showings,
  2. Average sale price
  3. Number of new listings
  4. Number of houses for sale
  5. Number of homes sold
  6. Days on Market
  7. Supply of homes
  8. List price to sale price ratio

We look at how the market was behaving before Coronavirus till March 15 and after Coronavirus since March 15. 

And we look at the periods:

  • Mid-March to Mid-April — the Transition Period and 
  • Mid-April to today — the Calm after the Storm.

I talk about the warnings we see in Realtor Notes and show an example of a contact questionnaire needed to be filled out before most showings. 

Finally I predict that the next two weeks will be much the same as the last two weeks. Come back again and see if we are crawling back out of this yet.

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