December 4, 2019 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News


Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

December 4, 2019

December 4, 2019. In this week’s Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News: monkey mountain, KW population growth, townhouses, offer letter writing, REBBA changes, Waterloo’s Tech talent, BC money laundering, the British Isles history…

Bob’s Utopia’s Monkey Mountain

This in my last video from Taiwan. (I’m on my way home, back to a Canadian Winter. Yeah!) In this video, I take the local train to the stop nearest the trailhead for Monkey Mountain, a hike that takes about two and a half hours. On the way, I talk about what these ‘Bob’s Utopia’ videos are all about and what they aren’t.


Rising population, low supply keeps pressure on Kitchener Waterloo’s housing market

Home sales and average prices are expected to continue to rise in Waterloo Region next year. Much of that is due to strong population growth, which from 2017 to 2018, the Kitchener-Waterloo-Cambridge census metropolitan area, experienced the second-fastest rate in Ontario.


Townhouses lead growth in rents

The average rents for residential properties in Canada increased by 5.5%. This recent increase was not consistent across property types, with townhouses posting the biggest jump at 19.7% while condominiums reported the smallest growth at 0.8%.


Does writing an offer letter to the seller help? 

Not Always. Here’s why.


Changes coming to Ontario’s new real estate act

The draft bill to change the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA), 2002 has just been released. Here are the five things you might want to know.


Waterloo Region ranks high on Canadian tech talent list

Waterloo Region’s tech sector grew by nearly 40% in the last five years. The region places fourth nationally, only behind Toronto, Ottawa and Vancouver.


Money laundering in B.C. real estate

12 cases, $1.7 billion, 20 countries and 30 banks.


The animated history of the British Isles

The entire history of the British Isles from the arrival of modern humans to 2016. 


Once in a lifetime

I was visiting an old friend that I haven’t seen in about 25 years recently and after a long chat about politics, social issues and life in general I am dismayed that our paths have diverged so much. We must have been quite similar at one point — I was the best man as his wedding! But now one of us is a Trumpist, gun-loving, misogynist, racist and the other is a typical liberal left-leaning Canadian. We could’t agree on anything. Half a lifetime ago is more that just a lot of time. It’s a lot of life.  


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Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News: Taiwan, Go trains, Electrohome building, predicted rate cut, amazon effect, WR’s tech dominance, prices up, Japan’s vanishing towns, work productivity…  

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