How’s the KW real estate market? Coronavirus impacts sales, prices…Tenanted properties don’t move

How’s the Market? April 21 2020

In this episode of “How’s the Kitchener-Waterloo real estate market”, we are two more weeks into the Covid-19 lockdown and the randomness of late March and early April are behind us now.

Buyers have retreated and listings are lasting a lot longer on the market.

In this video I answer 7 Questions.

  • What’s going on with Bully offers?
  • Are people still buying houses?
  • Are vacant properties selling?
  • Are tenanted properties selling?
  • What about re-listed properties and properties with price changes?
  • And do conditionally sold homes firm up and make it to sold sold?

We take a short look at what happened before March 15 and what has happened since. I have some predictions of what will happen over the next two weeks.

As an aside, I am surprised by the number of vacant and tenanted properties in our market. It seems a little odd. I had no idea that these numbers would be so high.

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