July 7 2014 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

July 7

July 7 2014

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


Score 1 for scorn

Remember that blogger that received a cease and desist letter for making fun of McMansion type of real estate? Turns out that the big bad real estate information portal folded up their legal battle in the face of internet scorn.

How to identify a McModern Home

McMansions have evolved into McModerns, but they are no better. “To see something only for its superficial attributes or financial potential and execute it carelessly is perhaps the most “Mc” thing anyone can do.” Can I have fries with that?

Elephant in the room

A full grown elephant escaped from a Wisconsin museum, lumbered across a shallow river and wandered into a neighbouring backyard where she unlatched a gate and munched on some marigolds during her couple hours of freedom. Mmmm, marigolds.

A threat, not a promise

Maybe they couldn’t fathom our free health care, our popular prime minister or our lack of mass shootings, but immigration to Canada from the USA is up by only 66 people this year compared to the same period last year. Looks like we won’t have to build a wall.

Tech crunch pumps up Waterloo

Just 60 miles west of Toronto, however, is Waterloo, a small city of 134,000 residents, which holds much of Canada’s tech talent. Like San Francisco and the Bay Area, Toronto and Waterloo form a corridor of startup innovation between them. Yet, while Toronto is yet to see any businesses hit that magical unicorn status, Waterloo has.

The Periodic Table Of Tech In Canada

The Canadian periodic table highlights 150 Canada-based startups. Canada’s tech ecosystem is growing on an annual basis of 7%.

If I had to work, then it would have to be there.

Insurance, tech, manufacturing and others. Here are Waterloo Region’s top employers. 

I’m writing ’bout the book I read

Amazon’s annual Top 20 list of Canadian Cities that Love to Read was recently released reminding us one more time again that outside of a dog a book is a man’s best friend. (Inside a dog it’s too dark to read.)

Conestoga college area townhouses

Kitchener city council has approved a two-storey cluster townhouse development with 75 two- or three-bedroom units in an area that has seen a rash of student housing. The developer, Cook Homes Limited, has said it intends to build market-rate condos, and has asked the city to include a ban on lodging houses in the zoning for the site.

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