June 14 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

Real Estate News Update

Today is June 14 2017. This is a Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update



Former Budd’s store full of surprises

Renovations at Budd’s has revealed some of its history including reclaimed streetcar rails used for I-beams. The upper two floors will be used for high-tech office space. The main floor, maybe retail, maybe coffee?

This time for sure

Canadian interest rates which are extraordinary low and have “done their job” will rise. When? Soon. I know we’ve heard this before, but this time they’re serious.

Vacant house was a problem before fire

Residents of West Street are complaining that the City of Kitchener did not do enough to secure a neighbourhood house that was vacant for a year before it burnt to the ground. Vagrants and rodents have been spotted around the house.

Global skills fast-track visa program

Foreign talent for our tech industry will become easier to hire with a new pilot program aimed at shortening the visa process to as little as ten days.

Standing by the window where the light is strong

A 25-storey tower with 216 residential units is planned for Regina Street in Uptown Waterloo. Waterloo Region has changed and is changing.

The dual daunting downtown dilemmas – vagrancy and vacancy

A new, collective vision for downtown Kitchener looks to establish more outdoor spaces, layered experiences and a spirit of inclusiveness. Kitchener shapes up with Shape DTK 2020.

I wish this were a corner store

The Central Fairies – nine artists that live in the East Ward neighbourhood, will be giving a boarded up variety store a makeover. It could be a coffee shop or a lawyer’s office. Instead, for 15 years it has been a neighbourhood eyesore.

Innovative and collaborative education at Vista Hills

Waterloo’s newest elementary school looks like a high-tech hub. One of the first three-storey elementary schools in Waterloo Region looks like other innovative local buildings such as the Perimeter Institute and the Institute for Quantum Computing and Google.

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