March 21 2018 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News


March 21 2018

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News


March 21 2018. In this week’s news: Spring market, 12 new public schools, Breithaupt Block, Alternate facts about our real estate market, commute, floor plan, budget, Blackberry, listing rising, sellers confident, 1974…

It’s spring!

It seems like a long time coming and maybe that the weather hasn’t caught up yet with the season, but it is officially Spring. As Leonard Cohen used to sing, “hallelujah”.

Baby I’ve been here before. I’ve seen this room. I’ve walked this floor. It is time to lace up and get into the race for a great house, or list that house or just participate from the sidelines, throwing in an occasional, “oh, wow, I can’t believe it sold for that!”

Believe it.

It’s springtime in KW and the market is much much hotter than the weather. Much, much.

12 new public schools needed to meet growing demand in Waterloo Region

Planners with the region’s public school board say at least 12 new schools will be needed in the next decade to keep up with the area’s growing population. We are a growth board with an annual growth rate of 1.2% in our enrolment.

Breithaupt Block Phase 3: Public Meeting

Following a public meeting on January 9, 2018, Perimeter Development has submitted revised concepts to support the Official Plan Amendment and a Zone Change application to permit a new 12 storey mixed use commercial/office building, a five storey parking garage with retail uses along Breithaupt Street, a new privately owned parkette at the corner of Moore Avenue and Wellington Street North, and the reconfiguration of the existing lane.

Alternative Facts — An Early Spring 2018 Update

This is from my GTA Realtor friend Mike Santos’ blog. Good advice from someone who is actually working in the industry, not reporting on it (to sell newspapers)

5 things home buyers should never compromise on

Buying a home is a process of elimination with a final compromise. Although it is near impossible to buy the perfect house, there are certain things that home buyers should never compromise on. Here they are.

BlackBerry’s transition is complete

Gone are the days when the smartphone pioneer’s market was virtually anyone in the world who might want to use one of its devices. The company pivots away from hardware to focus solely on software and cybersecurity.

A bad start to the year for the Canadian housing market?

Not so fast, say these economists. Listings are already rising, suggesting increased seller confidence in the market

What shops looked like in 1974

A look around markets and menus. Ah, I remember it well.

KWRENKicking it old school

The other day I was feeling overwhelmed. I had too many tabs open on my laptop, spotify was playing over the speakers, my chat widget was making that bamboo sound it makes when someone enters one of my websites, I was on the phone and we were receiving a delivery from Amazon. My desk was a jumble of papers and files and I was way behind on my emails — and I have a clean desk, zero inbox policy!

Then yesterday, I let the photographer into my new listing on Spadina Road West (near St Mary’s Hospital) and I was forced to sit quietly as he went about with his camera, tripod and laser. It was very Zen with the morning sun streaming in the windows and a couple of cats wandering around wondering who I was and why I was sitting around in their house (or maybe they didn’t really care, being cats and all).

Anyway, at this time of year, there is so much to do and so little time. We have to do everything right and quickly and there are so many people involved and so much information coming in and going out. It’s wonderful but it is exhausting. And I have to remember to take a break once in a while, have a cup of tea and maybe in the evening, put everything away and read a couple of chapters. Yeah that’s right, a book. Kicking it old school, read an actual book!

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