March 28 2018 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

March 28

March 28 2018

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News


March 28 2018. In this week’s Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News: keeping it up, pizza, Iron Horse Trail, Doug Ford, debt levels, Millennials, new vs. resale, the Lauderdale Paradox, how’s the market?

Keeping it up

I got an email the other day about this little news site I run. It made my day.

I just want to let you know that I’ve been reading your KW updates for several months and I really appreciate the work you do to put them all together. They’re always a good read, and a good way to stay on top of the market and news in the KW area.

Keep it up!

Iron Horse Trail upgrades slated for spring

City council approved a $1.7-million bid for upgrades to the central portion of the Iron Horse Trail. The planned trail improvements between Queen Street and the CN bridge north of Gage Avenue will include wider, repaved surfaces, larger road crossings, way-finding and identification signage, a new parkette near the Henry Sturm Greenway and upgrades to the Victoria Park parking lot and entrance. New lighting will also be installed with public transit infrastructure funding from the region.


The Duke of Food visits a pizza joint that only opens when the owner feels like it.

Patio season

About 10 of the 75 restaurants in operation in uptown Waterloo have applied for permits to operate sidewalk patios. When patios will be allowed on uptown sidewalks will be determined based on the weather. They will likely be permitted between mid-April and mid-October.

Q: Which factors could influence Ontario’s housing market this spring?

A: Doug Ford, debt levels and Millennials 

12 ways buying new construction is better, worse and different from buying resale.

Buying a new home isn’t the same as buying an existing home. Here are twelve things to think about

Canadians still hooked on Facebook

I know, I know.I talk a lot about Facebook. Last week, I wrote how I just stopped going there about a year ago. But I didn’t delete it, did I? Turns out only 1 in 10 Canadians are prepared to do that.

The Lauderdale Paradox

The value of Canadian real estate has been debated for some time. Those that benefit from ownership, often say “fundamental value” is sending prices higher. Further adding that the increase of home prices, results in an increase of wealth for the country. Housing activists say that real estate has become highly commoditized. They argue, escalating home prices result in decreasing wealth for the public. These two opinions are very different from each other, but are both correct. At least according to a 200 year old puzzle, known as the Lauderdale Paradox.

March 28What is it about Norway?

Norway’s high-design rest area serves curves, concrete, and views

Adapting to real estate reality

I’m always bumping into fellow Realtors and when I do I always ask, “How’s the market?” I want to know if they are feeling and experiencing what I am feeling and experiencing.

The recent consensus is that they are.  The number of sales is way down and prices are up. We all know that. But what else has changed is the characteristics of the buyers and the sellers. And this is harder to understand and explain, suffice to say that buyers have become less frantic and sellers less smug. We all seem to have a resigned attitude to this new real estate reality.

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