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What’s going on in KW Real Estate?

Every Morning when I read the news I wonder to myself, “What’s going on in KW real estate?” It is hard to make sense of it all. Are home prices going up? Are the number of homes on the market up or down? If the number of homes goes up, does that mean prices will come down? Or maybe more activity will lead to even more activity? I don’t know.

When I read the news it is easy to discover that some news has a positive spin and other news has negative spin. We are polarized and I don’t know why. It is what it is. For a Realtor like me, it is my reality whatever it is. For a Realtor like me its like that old sales motivation bit:


It does not matter if you’re a lion or a gazelle, when the sun come up on the savannah, you better start running.


With that in mind, welcome to The Marshall Report: What’s going on in KW Real Estate.


Housing Starts Up

The number of housing starts is a key economic indicator. A lot, a lot of jobs and secondary businesses depend on the construction business. It is trickle down economics at it’s first and finest. It is the fountainhead, first and foremost.

Up are housing starts in KW, mostly due to the Barrel Yards and other apartment starts. “Construction of rental housing has mostly been fuelled by the prospect of higher student enrolment at the CMAs post-secondary institutions”, said Anthony Passarelli, CMHC Market Analyst for the Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo (KCW) and Guelph CMAs.


Kitchener is not Kingston. Waterloo is not Winnipeg

The world according to Garth, the negative naysayer of all things real estate, is not good. He tells us of, over supply in Winnipeg, falling home prices in Halifax. He thinks the bubble is going to burst in Calgary. And Toronto? He believes that Torontonians must all have drank the koolaid, taken the mayor’s playbook and started hanging out with Somali crack capitalist and boozy bimbos in Escalades.

What happens in Toronto, stays in Toronto. Real estate is local and here prices are high and the inventory of homes to show and sell is low, low, low, lower than Realtor’s ethical standards.


If I had a hammer, I’d hammer in the morning and other songs my neighbour knows.

We know it’s springtime now. The sounds of birds chirping, lawnmowers growling and heavy equipment working on the roads. In Canada we have two seasons: winter and road construction. Road construction seasons is here. Getting anywhere in Waterloo Region is usually difficult enough but every year it gets even more so. Getting from point A to B involves going through at least two construction zones and a detour. In fact, getting out of my own driveway is difficult as there is a crew in moving a gas line for some reason, making way for the LRT. At the same time, my neighbour is digging up his driveway replace the sewer line, and the $900,000 house down the street is attracting lookeelous, realtors, neighbours and all the while the tradesmen are putting the final touches on the upgrades, the stagers and primping and fluttering around like painted birds.


And that’s my report.

Welcome to my new website, by the way. I needed a place to do stuff like this. It’s a bit buggy but will be better soon. You’d better bookmark it. I’ve got no SEO.



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