November 3 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

November 3

November 3 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News


November 3 2017. In Today’s news: roaring in 2018, beautifying vacant buildings, dying malls, charting Canada’s coffee addiction, how to sell, New York’s Central Park and streets, roads and avenues.

3 reasons Canadian housing will roar in 2018

Canada housing has shown signs that it may be ready for a significant bounce back in the coming months. Three words: CMHC, construction and investment, immigration

Kitchener neighbours come together to beautify vacant buildings

Vacant and boarded up brick buildings in the Kitchener neighbourhood of Central Frederick have been transformed into art pieces by residents frustrated with the drab and deteriorating structures.

Dying Malls could give birth to new inventory

As housing shortages persist, developers are eyeing old shopping malls—which often include large parcels of land—for redevelopment into residential projects

 Canada’s coffee addiction in one chart

Canadians love coffee. Double double, short, venti, no fat, extra foam, you name it, and we’ll drink it, according to an annual survey on coffee consumption from the Coffee Association of Canada.

Secrets of real estate: How to sell your home

Selling real estate can be a daunting task, especially in the current market environment. Many people think they will have to take huge cuts on the value to be able to sell. But, that is not necessarily true.

November 312 Secrets of New York’s Central Park

No natural landmark in New York City is as iconic as its beloved 843-acre park

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What’s the difference between a street, a road, and an avenue

Depending on where you live, your address will end in a different designation. You might live on 10th Street, or Meadow Lane, or Red Fox Road. Maybe those throughways intersect a road with a name like Washington Avenue or Park Place. Why the difference? There’s actually a method to the road-naming madness that goes beyond just the whims of urban designers.

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