October 11 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

October 11

October 11 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


October 11 2017. In today’s news: ever-changing Kitchener, Waterloo’s organic waste impacting Guelph, 5 tips of real estate agents, immigrating to the city, condo living organization, biking in China, and hygge


Kitchener core’s ever-changing corner

Change is in the air in this spring 1973 photograph. Forty-four years later, the same scene is set for more change.

Waterloo’s recycling success brings budget blip to Guelph

A budget variance report heading to City Council projects the deficit in that department by year-end, with $360,000 of that being attributed to a contract the city has to process the Region of Waterloo’s organic waste.

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5 types of real estate agents you’ll meet:

Whether you’re buying or selling a home, finding the right real estate agent to partner with can be a daunting task. A lot’s at stake, and there’s certainly no shortage of characters in this business.

Few immigrants settle outside cities

Almost all immigrants, foreign students and temporary foreign workers in Canada avoid the hinterlands. Only one in 40 immigrants live in small town or rural Canada, compared to one in five who are born in the country.

New condo-living organization enters the scene in Ontario

Among others, the administrative authority’s tasks will be providing information about condo ownership and condo living information (including a guide for condo buyers), as well as free online training for condo directors to ensure that condo boards run smoothly.

Lazy cyclists help make these massive bike graveyards in China

Private bike share companies that give cyclists the option to pick up a bike and leave it wherever they please rather than return it to an official docking station. The result is thousands of bikes scattered around the city like junk.

What Canadians can learn from the Scandinavian way of life

The practice of creating cozy, congenial environments that promote emotional well-being. It’s hot beverages and knitted things, cozy nooks and comfort food, candles lit with wooden matches, never batteries. It’s about bicycles with woven baskets, cushions, blankets and books. It’s about a small group gathering at someone’s home, enjoying the pleasure of each other’s company huddled around a hearth.

So you are selling your house in a changing market

What are the old school tips and tricks on making the most of the real estate sale you are tackling?

Curio boxes drawing attention to climate change both loved and feared

When Paul Roorda installed his art along utility poles in the Mary Allen neighbourhood on Saturday, he wasn’t expecting they would garner him a visit from police and bylaw officers. “Monday morning I got a knock on the door from a local police officer asking me to remove them,” said Roorda. He was told a neighbour had reported the art looked threatening.

Leaf Collection

Loose leaf collection begins on Oct. 23 and lasts unit the week of Nov. 20-24 (weather dependent). Residents should check the schedule below and rake street tree leaves to the curb as closely as possible to their collection date. Please be aware that this program is weather dependent and may be delayed or cancelled based on poor conditions.

Toronto-Waterloo Region flights to start in November

An airline already flying out of Toronto’s Billy Bishop Airport says it will start offering 18-minute flights to and from Waterloo Region next month.

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