October 23, 2019 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

Waterloo Region's got bike!
Bike friendly

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

October 23, 2019

October 23, 2019. In this week’s Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News: expat minimalist, DTK’s cycling master plan, Waterloo Region’s workforce, demographics and economy, no oven even, small interior winner, newcomers buying real estate, Uptown’s Canada Post site, Canada’s home prices, bike friendly cities, firemen and realtors…


Living like an expat minimalist

I’m living like a minimalist in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Life is simple. My days are easy. In this video I give a quick tour of my 300 square foot apartment. I talk on the sidewalk near my home and then in the Formosa Station as I catch the subway to Kaohsiung Harbour. 


City of Kitchener develops data-driven cycling master plan

With the population of Kitchener expected to increase dramatically over the next three years, planners are working on data-driven infrastructure strategies.

Former Canada Post site in Uptown clean up to proceed

The cleanup of the contaminated property slated for twin condo towers on a former Canada Post site in the uptown core will go ahead. 


Would you live in a condo without an oven?

As condos get smaller, some builders are starting to get rid of one unnecessary appliance — the oven. 


Winner: Small interior of the year 2019

Taipei-based architecture studio A Little Design has transformed a former piano studio into a a 17.6 square metre apartment in the Taiwanese capital.


Newcomers buying 20 per cent of homes in Canada

Over the next five years, they’re expected to buy about 680,000 homes, and that’s good news for the Canadian economy and its real estate market


Three new infographics highlight Waterloo Region’s workforce, demographics and economy

  • 18 development projects worth approximately $1 billion are set to transform one of Waterloo Region’s urban cores
  • Waterloo Region experienced a 40% growth in tech-related employment between 2012 and 2017.
  • Canada’s immigration-friendly policies have helped drive Waterloo Region’s economy – 23% of our residents were born outside of Canada.


Canadian home prices growing slowly

The growth is much slower than usual for this time of year, weighed down by weak performance in Western Canada.


The 20 most bike-friendly cities

Many in Europe, a couple in Canada and one in Taiwan.  


What do firemen do when they are not putting out fires?

I have a new neighbour. He moved in across the street about a year ago. Like me, he’s around at different times of days and weeks. No set schedule, it seems. I often wonder what he does when he’s working. There aren’t that many fires thankfully. 

It’s the same with Realtors. The average Realtor, I’ve been told sells six homes a year. I’m currently in Asia, turning old blog posts into videos, blogging into next year and doing Bob’s Utopia, just for fun mostly. I wonder what other Realtors do when the real estate market goes into its winter slumber. 


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Video: From Kaohsiung Harbour, why wearing socks is optional in southern Taiwan.

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