October 4 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

October 4

October 4 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


October 4 2017. In today’s news: energy audits, mortgage rules, racoons, bears, Canada’s largest observation wheel, driverless cars, rude open house questions, tech hubs compared.


Another costly burden on harried homeowners — mandatory energy audits

Green groups are lobbying for the $400-$600 audit to be a requirement for every house on the market — for Ontario residents it is soon to be a harsh reality

The dwindling impact of mortgage rule changes

Each successive regulation change at the federal level has left a smaller mark on home buying activity. Estimates suggest that the most recent federal rule changes may have only shaved 2% off demand nationwide.

Chinese warn the dangers of buying Canadian real estate… like raccoons and bears

“Canadian homes have basements frequently filled with mosquitos. Canadian homes are also prone to crows and raccoons stealing food, and some are even threatened by black bears.” True, but…

Canada’s largest observation wheel opens in Montreal

La Grande roue de Montréal, a 60-metre-tall observation wheel and the largest of its kind in Canada.

8 big housing changes thanks to driverless cars

This article argues the many ways that driverless cars will impact real estate. I remember reading a similar article about how the internet would do many of the same things.

Canada had 1 city where people were worth over $1M last year. There are 4 now

Vancouver’s net worth jumped by 19.4 per cent over the previous year, while Toronto’s grew by 17 per cent, Victoria’s by 15.4 per cent and Calgary’s by nine per cent.

Are these open house questions rude?

Is it ok if an open house visitor sits on your furniture? How about use your toilet

Waterloo and York Regions – Two Tech Hubs compared

The Regional Municipality of York with nine towns and cities (including Markham and Vaughan) is the home to 4,300 tech companies, second only to Toronto in raw numbers, and on a per-capita basis, York Region has more tech companies that any other region in Canada.

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What is a valid agreement?

There is a reason for all of the books and TV shows and movies about the law. The law is interesting. It is a fundamental part of our society.

Top tips for home improvements

Before you sell your home, to get the best price for it, a little work is almost always necessary. Here are some tips on the best home improvements that will improve your home’s value.

Midtown plan would see highrises, cafés sprout along King Street

The city is working on plans to guide growth in areas within a 10-minute walk of LRT stations. Council approved the first plan, for the downtown, in May 2016. Three more plans, for Rockway, Block Line and Fairway stations, will follow in the next year or two. The Midtown plan, covers the area bounded by Waterloo, the Iron Horse Trail, Mount Hope Cemetery and the CN Rail line. The area already has what city planners say is “true work/life character,” with 2,650 residents and 3,000 jobs within its boundaries.

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