October 6 2017 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update

October 6

October 6 2017

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News Update


October 6 2017. In today’s news: borrowing against real estate, burgles, the residential appraisal report, real estate cooling down, interim occupancy, Dildo, the 2017 business expo, house sitting Vancouver style

Canadians are borrowing against real estate at the fastest pace ever

Canadian real estate prices have soared, and so did borrowing against that value.

Been burgled?

Most burglaries take place during the day.

Most take place between 10am and 3pm.

A typical burglary lasts ten minutes.

Myths and realities of the residential appraisal report

There is an overall misunderstanding about how an appraiser arrives at a market value, sometimes leading to a misconception that “the appraiser killed the deal”.

Canadian real estate to enter cool down period later this year

The vibrant pace of growth and activity in the Canadian residential real estate sector is likely to moderate quite a bit in late 2017 as well as early 2018, in large part due to the possibility of higher interest rates along with government policies aimed at chilling demand in major markets.

Everything you ever wanted to know about interim occupancy

So what are the differences between interim occupancy and final closing and why is a part of the pre-construction purchase process?

Dildo, Newfoundland, population 1,198

There have been several campaigns to change the name, though all failed. It is located on the southeastern Dildo Arm of Trinity Bay about 60 kilometres west of St. John’s. The town’s unusual name has brought it a certain amount of notoriety.

Chamber event

2017 BUSINESS EXPO. Tuesday, October 17, 2017. What a great chance to see some old friends and meet some new ones.

In Vancouver, sitting on a house can be more lucrative than working

Eye-popping returns coupled with Canada’s reputation as a stable sanctuary has made Vancouver a particular magnet for global cash.

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Why paint your floors?

Style. We pretend that stained wood floors never go out of style, but they’re just as influenced by design trends as the colors on your walls or the drapes in your living room.

Schneiders property in Kitchener sold to Auburn Developments

Auburn developed the Arrow Lofts and Barrel Yards projects and plans largest infil development for location

Old American Hotel could be reborn as six-storey condo in downtown Kitchener

The former American Hotel was built in 1862 by Louis Breithaupt, a leading early industrialist and former mayor of what was then Berlin. It stood at the heart of the city, the so-called “Royal Crossroads” at the corner of King and Queen streets. But the glory of the Italianate-style building has faded over the years — most of its storefronts and two upper floors are empty, and the only remaining tenant is Capers Sports Bar.

September stats

September’s sales included 285 detached homes (down 14.2 per cent), and 105 condominium units (down 19.2 per cent). Sales also included 38 semi-detached homes (up 22.6 per cent) and 37 freehold townhouses (up 12.1 per cent).

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