I’m in your head.
I love podcasts and I love podcasting. I just wanted to say that first off. I’m in my fourth or fifth year of listening to podcasts. I know this because on Stitcher (a podcast listening app) there is a little box that says “Listener since December 12 2012 and listened to 987 hours of podcasts”. I also listen on the Apple podcast app. I know I don’t need two apps to listen to all of my podcasts but that is the way my listening has evolved.
Anyway, podcasts have gotten better. There are more and more of them all the time. I’ve learned a lot and I’ve made some friends.
Essentially, I listen to two kinds of podcasts. The two-voice type and the one voice type. I find that if there are more that two voices I get lost, not knowing who is saying what.

Two-voice podcasts I like:
Longform (interviews with writers)
Uhh Yeah Dude (two guys riffing on news stories)
WTF (interviews)
Here’s the thing (interview)
Question of the day (two guys talking)

One-voice podcasts I like:
Dan Carlin’s Hardcore History
The Art of persuasion
Bill Burr’s Monday Morning podcast
Story-telling podcasts

There are more
I have twenty other podcasts in my feed and I’m always trying new ones out and discarding old ones. When I first started listing to podcasts I listened almost exclusively to marketing podcasts. Then I went through a storytelling phase. Now it seems to be mostly interview types.
When I decided (after a year of talking about it) to start my own podcast I wanted to to an interview type podcast. But I thought that would be too tough to always find guests. It is hard enough to organize my own time, but try to get a guest on board. Forget about it.
So I settled for a single voice podcast. So, I looked at my list of single voice podcasts and thought about what I liked about them and what I could and couldn’t do with the resources I had. I did all this as I was travelling in Vietnam. I’d write things down and think about them and revisit them a day or two later. Over a few weeks I figured everything out. I did my research and then in Taipei I bought my microphone, watched a bunch youtube videos about how to podcast and that was that. As for content, I worked out the ten items, ten chapters, ten topics and that hasn’t changed either. I ask people who tell me that they listen to the podcast what they like about it. Everyone has different answers. So the format remains unchanged.

If you are interested, here it is. Here is the ten topics I talk about:
Life of Marshall
Question of the week
New in KW
KW real estate news
Observation and Opinion
Captured thought
General real estate news
Trending trivial topic
Call to action and
Parting thought

Your brain on podcasts
I was reading a New York Times article about what happens in your brain when you listen to podcasts. Essentially it boils down to this sentence.
“A living internal reality takes over the brain”.

A research team found that widely dispersed emotional and memory networks across both hemispheres of the brain light up when listening to (storytelling type) podcasts. No single part of the brain deals with the incoming information.
That is pretty cool. Podcast create a virtual reality inside your brain. And an emotional response.

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