September Sales Activity Report


Good Bye September. Hello October

October 3rd already. I get the feeling the week after thanksgiving will see a big bump in listings.

It’s time. Now or never.

Today, there are 727 homes listed for sale in Kitchener Waterloo. Not a lot. Not a little. Not so inconsistent with historical averages.

My activity in September

I showed 36 homes in September. This is down from the springtime when one month I showed double that. I think I show on average about 500 homes a year. On a monthly basis, it expands and contracts with the market.

I worked with 11 clients in September and was successful with one purchase.

Of the homes I showed, they ranged in price from the very reasonable $218k to the very expensive $1.2m.

As an aside, earlier this year, homes in the middle of the market were getting bid up and up and up making the top of the market relatively inexpensive. For example, it is unreasonable (to me at least) that a less than 2000 square foot 20 year old home in Laurelwood would sell for more than $700k where as a brand new over 4000 square foot home in Claire Hills delivered from the builder was selling for $1.2m.

Maybe size doesn’t matter.

Or age.

Of the 36 homes I showed in September, 7 are currently unsold, 1 expired, 1 was cancelled and 1 received a bully offer.

The average over asking selling price of houses that I visited with my clients was 104% over asking.

KWAR will release the statistics for September in a couple of days. I predict they will reveal that the market is very very busy.

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