Snyder’s Flats

For years and years I kept hearing about Snyder’s Flats. I heard that it was a large hiking area near the Grand River. I heard that it was a great place to walk your dog. I heard these things but no one could ever tell me where it was. Turns out it wasn’t hard to find at all.

snyder's flatsSnyder’s Flats is located just north of Bloomingdale, at the end of Synder’s Road (image that), just off of Sawmill Road. It is in Woolwich township just across from the city of Waterloo. It is across the Grand River from Kaufman Flats and Grey Silo Golf Course.

Snyder’s Flats is a large natural area, located in the floodplain of the Grand River on the site of a former gravel pit. During the 1980’s it was rehabilitated and now it contains 4.5 Kilometres of trail around man made ponds. It is a great place to take a nice long stroll. It is a great place to walk your dog.




What’s interesting is that Snyder’s Flats has long been a place for recreational outings. In the late 1800’s large groups of residents from Berlin (Kitchener) and Waterloo would cross the river to picnic at Snyder’s Flats. In fact, many cottages were constructed along the Grand River at that time.

There were calls for the township to build a bridge there – from Kaufman Flats to Snyder’s Flats, but the township didn’t see the need. Instead, the local residents constructed a small pedestrian bridge that didn’t last long.



Leash law controversy

For many years Snyder’s Flats was Waterloo Region’s unofficial off leash dog park. Then in June of last year the Record reported that the leash-less dogs were a problem and extra staff was going to be added to enforce the leash law. Tickets of $95 would be written for anyone caught walking their dog without a leash. Repeat offenders would be banned from the area. Bummer. A petition was started.

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