A Table for Maple, my favourite food blogger

a table for MapleI was at the gym yesterday, listening to two guys in the steam room talk about food that they ate over the holidays. That’s about as boring as talking about the weather.

Talking like an expert about the food you are currently eating, I also find irritating, or taking pictures of your food and sending them to facebook or instagram. Food reviewers are a dime a dozen. Suddenly everyone is a foodie, a gourmand and a critic. Sites like yelp, urbanspoon and trip advisor have given anyone with a mouth and an internet connection the ability to bore us with how much they loved or hated a meal or a restaurant. It is crowdsourcing in it’s lowest form and I find those sites pathetic. What we need is thoughtful and insightful food bloggers who take the time and care to do a good job searching out interesting place to eat and drink and then writing about their experiences.


Table for Maple

Luckily we have a great food blogger right here in Waterloo Region – Maple Tay. I was fortunate to meet Maple a couple of years ago when she agreed to contribute to 365 Things to do in Kitchener Waterloo (a site I blogged at).

I liked her blog when I first happened across it as Maple, is a big supporter of Waterloo Region. I like her attitude. Here’s a blurb from her “about me” page:

 I started this blog almost three years ago to share about the delicious food and fun things to do in KW. Many people do not realize how much there is in this region! We have boundless energy from the universities & colleges around, exciting sophistication from businesses in Uptown Waterloo, creative entrepreneurship spirit from the technological hub in Downtown Kitchener, peacefulness of a countryside, but also the busy buzz that is essential to a city.

The KW region is truly amazing and I am here to show you what this little gem has to offer. Stop being bored. Explore our city! There is no such thing as “nothing to do here” – if you are bored, you are the one who is being boring. Check out the places I have recommended and you will be amazed by what you can discover.

I am also amazed that Maple has the ability to search out new and interesting places to eat and drink. Everywhere from Langdon Hall, which I think everyone in Waterloo Region has heard of but never gone to to Gilt Restaurant in downtown Kitchener, which Maple’s blog post opens…

Gilt Restaurant opened last week in Downtown Kitchener. I have been looking forward to their opening since I saw their beautiful signage.

… Maple is everywhere. Her restaurant reviews are fabulously full of professional quality photographs and include useful information (like prices).

Maple’s food reviews start with first impressions and end with overall verdict. She is certainly a foodie to follow.


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