The Dog Days of Summer – Guest Post

Across the lake from Toronto

I’m loving the summer heat.  Which is easy to say now that the air conditioning in our brand new home is finally working.


The Dog Days of Summer ‘a period marked by lethargy, inactivity, or indolence’


We have been enjoying much of what KW has to offer this summer.  Our recent outings included the Kitchener Ribfest and Craft Beer Show and the Uptown Waterloo Jazz Festival.  Both an enjoyable way to spend the afternoon: good food, thirst quenching libations and great music.   We did get those 10,000 steps in as well, which negated some of the calories we consumed in the name of research.  All that walking sure made us hungry……and thirsty…..mostly thirsty – after all, there was local craft beer to be tasted!

We’ve been enjoying the people watching at these events.   It’s evident that a lot of us are starved for sun and warmth and want to squeeze the most out of our short Canadian summers.  At the Craft Beer Show, we ran into some people who take beer sampling very seriously and brought wooden beer trays that they handcrafted over the winter.  These contraptions were worn around their neck and held six to eight glasses of liquid amber, allowing them to maximize their drinking efficiency – you have to admire their ingenuity – and enthusiasm.  The highlight of the jazz festival was watching a young couple dance in the rain with their toddler while the rest of us huddled under umbrellas and vendor tents.

Note to self:  try to be more uninhibited!

Speaking of uninhibited people watching – there is the ‘Bare With Us’ Top Freedom Rally at the Waterloo Town Square this Saturday August 1st.  Perhaps I don’t want to be THAT uninhibited, but kudos to those who choose to exercise their rights.  I’m thinking that we may just wander over – in the name of research and in support of our local community………


— Judy


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