Top 10 Home Renovations in Canada and their average budgets

Home Renovations in Canada

In 2015, Canadians spent more than $17Billion on home renovations. I expect with the tight inventory of homes for sale and the value added with the average prices thus appreciated, more Canadians spent more on renovations in 2016. (Stats Canada has not compiled the data yet).

TrustedPros has compiled the data from over two million users and created this top ten list of home improvement projects (as a percentage of total) and average budgets for 2016.


Home improvements and their budgets

  • 6% windows and doors. Average budget: $8,522.00
  • 6% roofing. Average budget: $4,906.00
  • 8% floor laying. $3,258.10
  • 7% Tiling. $1,558.60
  • 8% Kitchen reno. $14,479.10
  • 9% Painting. $2,080.80
  • 9% Fencing. $4,195
  • 13% Decking. $6,609.30
  • 15% Basement reno. $17,785.00
  • 19% Bathroom reno. Average budget: $7,905.80



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