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Realtor is one of the top 10 jobs

According to, a job finding website, based on salary and demand, real estate agent is one of only two jobs in the top 10 that are not tech related.

The other is optometrist.

According to the report, the average annual salary for real estate agents is just shy of $109,000. And job postings are up 36% this year.

There are a heck of a lot of real estate agents out there and more going the profession all the time. I was recently speaking with an agent I know. We were speculating how tough it must be for a new agent to break into this market. The rewards are great for successful realtors and getting greater all the time with prices rising, and although it is easy to get your license, we questioned how well new agents can cope with things being what they are.

Personally, I think we are hitting a tipping point with both the number of agents and home prices, but corrections are slow to come in the world of real estate.

Come they may.

No. Come they will.


Tech jobs

The other eight jobs that made the top ten, I only have a crude understanding of what they even are. I’m a dinosaur. I’m an outsider. I’m embedded in my real estate career.

They are:

Full stack developer

DevOps Engineer

Back End Developer

Android Developer

Analytics Manager

User Experience Designer

IT Security Specialist

Python Developer


Back to realtors

Getting back to the real world as I know it, my broker told me that the average realtor in Toronto sells six houses a year and a few years ago I read that the average realtor made about $42,000 a year. I actually believe those statistics to be essentially still true. I know that there are about 1600 real estate agents in Waterloo Region, but I always tend to bump into the same few dozen. The rest are just entering the profession, leaving the profession, part timers, hobbyists, team members and dabblers.



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