We want to buy your house

We want to buy your house

I got this business card wedged into my front door the other day.

When I read it, I felt proud and suspicious and more than a little curious.

The card says: We love your house! If you’re thinking about selling, please let us know!
Then there are the names of a couple. They have a pretty common local family name.

Below that it says:
We’re not Agents, just looking for our perfect family home. (I’m not sure if that grammar is intentional).
There is a gmail address and a phone number.

Beating the system
As one of my young clients is fond of saying, “Seems legit”.
I’m wondering if it is in fact “legit”.
Remember, last year there were people prowling neighbourhoods in Vancouver offering to buy homes for more than assessed value. Everyone knows that assessed value is way low.* These prowlers were then re-selling the homes and making some big BIG profits.

I’m not saying that’s what this is. It is probably very innocent. I’m certain some desperate someone is trying to circumvent the system and find a house for themselves before it goes on the open market, maybe get a good deal in the process.

The market sets the price
But any seller that does not sell their home on the open market is doing themselves a big disservice. How will they know what they can really get for their home if they are limiting their market to just someone who approaches them with a request.
That goes for private sellers and accepters of bully offers too. You will do better when you let the market set the price.
I’m also wondering, does this door-to-door appeal actually work?

*Note: by most estimates assessed value is around 2/3 of the market price.

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