Wednesday August 26, 2020 Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

Kitchener Waterloo Real Estate News

Wednesday August 26, 2020 – Working from home.

Wednesday August 26, 2020. In this weeks Kitchener-Waterloo Real Estate News: Coronavirus, Cedar Hill, real estate lawyers, commission, vacation property, Silicon Valley, suburban communities, relocating, working from home…


What’s going on?

We all know that the Coronavirus Covid-19 has thrown our lifestyles, jobs, spending patterns, supply chains, economies, politics, … every aspect of our lives into disarray. But it has impacted different people industries and businesses in different ways. Some businesses like Home Depot, Amazon, and Netflix have done very well, whereas many local restaurants and retail shops are struggling. The same is true for individuals and whole industries.

In the world of real estate, we always talk about average this and that. We talk about the market as a whole (which is doing very well in every Canadian market). But in most major markets, rental rates are down and the number of condos listed for sale last month are up. The entry level market is hot, but the number of families moving into the region is a little flat. 

Q: What’s going on?   

A: A lot of differing forces adjusting to a new reality. 


The last empty house on Kitchener’s Cedar Hill

After billions in public and private investment the skinny old house on a narrow lot remains a stubborn reminder of harder days on Cedar St


Four things to consider when interviewing real estate lawyers 


How does your listing Realtor earn their commission?

Listings are front loaded. What I mean by this is that getting a home on the market is not only the most important part but also the part that takes the most time and effort. Once the home is on the market, the hardest work is over. 


Should you buy a vacation property so you can be working from home by the lake?

A cottage or other vacation property can provide a great way to unwind and spend time with family. But what are some of the financial implications?


Luring Silicon Valley tech workers to Canada

America’s loss may be Canada’s gain. Workers affected by the visa freeze should consider Canada. Kitchener-Waterloo could be a kinder Silicon Valley.


Canadians eschewing city living in favour of bigger, rural homes.

According to a recent study, 32% of Canadians no longer want to live in urban centres, choosing instead to live in rural or suburban communities.


Canada tops list for British homebuyers thinking of relocating

Using search volume data from keyword research tool SEMrush, a mortgage information portal recently determined the 20 countries that Brits are most interested in moving to, with Canada emerging as the No. 1 choice.


Working from home

I was speaking with an old client who recently returned to the office after working from home since March. She loves the office, at least she did, but not so much any more. She said now, she prefers working from home. Another friend said the same thing. He said he gets up, works through his emails and then has a shower and breakfast and starts his “office day” a little after 10am. 

I’ve been working from home pretty much ever since I became a Realtor. Could never go back to the office. It seems that most people are coming to the same conclusion. 


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